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BeeSecure anti-theft device

Anti-theft system that tracks the GPS location of your hives


Know where your hives are at any moment

Theft alert

Get alerts in case of hive theft

Fall Alert

Get alerts in case your beehive topples over or gets knocked over.

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BeeScale single scale system

Hive weight monitoring system

Notifications from remote

Transmits information remotely on weight changes throughout the day

Notifications from up close

Directly transmit information to your mobile phone via bluetooth


Get daily notifications on weight data measured throughout the day

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Equip your beehives with our smart devices
Get real time data from your beehives
Save time and never again sleep with one eye open
We believe that technology can help make a beekeeper's difficult job a lot easier.
This is why we have developed a high-performance GPS anti-theft devices and other tools. We have done this by combining the experience of beekeepers with the skills and knowledge of engineers who have worked in the military and in large companies.

Advanced sensors to control your bees remotely will be available very soon. This way you can optimize interventions and movements, saving time and money. 

Enough with theft, we can't let someone else take advantage of our work. We are beekeepers too, and we know how difficult our job can be.


what our customers say
“I had installed cameras and camera traps but the thieves destroyed them before stealing my hives. Thousands of euros wasted. Now I have installed BeeSecure "


"This year I suffered the theft of 45 hives, which were positioned close to home. I didn't think it could happen, but it did. "


“Thanks to this anti-theft, in 2017 I found my 25 stolen hives!
My colleagues were able to find their stolen hives over 1 year ago!"


"Apicoltura BIO Dolcezza & Natura"
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Find out more on how our anti-theft system is installed and how it protects your beehives. 
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