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Can’t stand the thought of parting with your bees? Track their every move with the BeeSecure app now!

Bee Secure is the first anti-theft system specifically designed for hives. 

It also monitors temperature, humidity and sounds inside the hive. Thanks to this new technology, hundreds of hives were returned to their owners in 2019.

We used our experience as beekeepers alongside the expertise of engineers who previously worked with the military and big enterprises to develop a high-performing GPS system. It is time to take a stand against hive theft once and for all.

Stop spending money on cameras, fences and systems that thieves can destroy.
Retrieve your hives with BeeSecure!
BeeSecure’s GPS derived from military technologies that are also used in cars’ black boxes. It provides the best performance possible at an affordable price.

A few BeeSecure devices can keep a whole bee yard safe

The full kit includes:

  • BeeSecure anti-theft device
  • special frames available in all standard sizes with a secret compartment where BeeSecure is placed
  • free app for iOS and Android smartphones
  • rechargeable battery
  • connecting cable
  • a backup battery – this way you won’t need to take the anti-theft devices home with you to recharge it
  • optional charger







Our iOS and Android app

Take note of all the info regarding your bees and follow their movements with our sensors. The app is compatible with the latest generation of iOS and Android smartphones.

How does it work?

Insert BeeSecure inside the frame (available in all standard sizes).
BeeSecure stays in “standby mode” so it doesn’t interfere with bees’ activities.
Only external movements will activate it. Whenever someone or something gets near the hive, you will receive a notification on your phone, just as if it were a WhatsApp message.
From that moment on, you will be able to follow your hive’s every move on the app.



The BeeSecure system is inserted inside a wooden frame (available in all standard sizes), so it stays invisible to whoever opens the hive.



 BeeSecure is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 months. When the battery is low, it can be replaced before it dies completely with another one that is already fully charged. This way the hive is never left defenseless.


The free app from which you can monitor temperature, humidity and GPS movements of the hive is available for both iOS and Android devices.


BeeSecure uses special sim cards that can connect to all mobile operators in order to get the network with the best coverage in that area.



BeeSecure uses a GPS antenna that locates your hives with the utmost accuracy even during the worst storm.



BeeSecure doesn’t bother the bees because it stays in stand-by mode at all times. It records temperature, humidity and sound data once a day and the GPS activates only if movement occurs.


“45 hives were located near my house that were stolen from me last year. I never thought something like this could happen, but it did”
Tommaso (Treviso)

“I installed both cameras and camera traps but the thieves destroyed them all before stealing the hives. Thousands of euros spent for nothing. Now I use a mini GPS system”

Riccardo (Torino)

“One night I received a notification on my cellphone that my hives were being stolen. At first I was shocked, but then I went to get them back! Thanks BeeSecure”

Leonardo (Siena)

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